Web application solutions for your business

We design and deliver scalable professional web application solutions with complete test coverage.

Our mission

Our mission is helping our customers to design, develop and maintain professional web application solutions. We use a clean architecture software design philosophy with complete test coverage. The application is designed as multiple “layers”. Every layer is “interchangeable”, allowing your application to start with bear minimum and grow together with your business. It is easy to extend or replace some of the components as scope of the solution grows without complete re-architecting of the code and with minimal chances of introducing regression.

Who is our clients

Our clients are companies whose solutions includes the web and mobile applications with rich user experience. For instance, company that works in creating new drone would require customer facing web and mobile application for the drone tracking.

Our approach would benefit start-ups with limited budget. We can provide a solution that would start from the single server and can grow, migrate to the could service as needed.

What constitutes professional web application

The professional web application has the following characteristics:

  • Responsive user interface and mobile version
  • Data caching and offline mode (Progressive Web Application)
  • Identity management
  • Batch job support (e.g. sending emails or resizing images)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Accessibility friendly
  • Internationalization support

The scalable web application design in the way it can handle a growing number of concurrent connections from customers. Choosing the right architecture from the day one allows it grow from one monolith piece into distributed system with micro services smoothly and saving cost along the road.

Technology stack

Although, we can use any technology and programming language that fits current need, we have an extensive expertise in .NET Core and C#. We have experience building large applications using Angular and experience using Blazor on the client side and ASP.NET Core as a backend. We use Azure and AWS could services. We have spent years working with SQL Server, Postgres and MySQL. For NoSQL work we use MongoDB.

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